It’s time to get your GAME ON!

Check out Friday Night Fights with Super Smash Bros in the UltraStar main lobby
It’s just $5 to play and you could be the winner of the $100 Grand Prize!
Bracket: A bracket requires a minimum of 16 players maximum of 32, Single Elimination
Time: 7pm in the lobby. Get here early as there are limited slots available. Sign up is available at the Ten Pins Down desk.
Prize: Grand Prize of $100 for 1st place.

Winners of the first round will be awarded a free game of bowling.
Behavior: Be cool. We all want to have fun, and most of us want to get better at our prospective games. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the bracket, forfeiture of any prizes due, and removal from the venue.

Repeat offenses will result in a long-term ban.
So hurry up and get signed up to put your Super Smash Bros Ultimate skills to the test! We can’t wait to see you!